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Business Development Consultant - Cairo Office

Wood Technology (WOTECH)

MDF Production Plant

Embracing Green Technology 

WOTECH is the first plant in the Middle East and Africa, the second worldwide to recycle rice straw for producing (MDF-E0) with the usage of Siempelkamp's German technology in manufacturing,

Sponsored by the Egyptian ministry of petroleum, ECHEM and two of the Petroleum Companies. The land area is (114) Feddan Located at IDKU, Behera Governorate, North of Egypt with total investment of 5,500,000,000 of Egyptian Ponds.

The Egyptian company Wood Technology Co. (WOTECH) placed an important milestone project regarding “Green Technology” for an MDF plant with an annual production capacity of 205,000 M3 which processing the annual plant rice straw as raw material. 

With this plant, WOTECH is positioning itself in the areas of environmental protection and resource efficiency, because the value-added use of rice straw opens up new perspectives for a raw material that would otherwise be burned as a waste product. The concept is also attractive for countries which do not have sufficient wood resources for industrial use.  WOTECH is the second customer after CalAg, LLC, California, for an MDF plant based on rice straw.

WOTECH Company, founded by companies of the Egyptian oil and gas industry which are part of the country’s Ministry of Petroleum, has also received positive feedback on the political level. The plant is considered as a fundamental contribution to supporting the governmental efforts in Egypt to realize an environmentally friendly, CO2-reducing and sustainable use of rice straw. It will also create jobs in the MDF production and furniture industry. 

Chairman Assistant for Financial Affairs

Oil & Gas Skills (OGS)

Business Consulting



Oil & Gas Skills “OGS” established in 2005, over more than 17 years, OGS provided professional services to companies and industry players of all sizes, across all the sector of oil and gas industry. OGS provided industry-specific solutions in the fields of upstream, midstream, downstream, HSE, Operational excellence, asset integrity, Leadership, and people capabilities specially competency assurance. And with our extensive experience in the sector, we’re able to offer a much wider range of consulting services to meet your more specific needs.​

Extensive efforts have been exerted in the field of Oil & Gas Organizational development, training and business consulting, working with more than 80 Oil & Gas Egyptian companies and perform consulting to oil, gas and petrochemical industry.​

OGS has been merged with the Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries Company (ENPPI) in 2023.


Chairman Assistant for Financial Affairs

Santos (Egypt)

Upstream Gas & Liquieds

Santos is a global leader in the transition to cleaner energy and clean fuels, by helping the world decarbonize to reach net-zero emissions in an affordable and sustainable way.

Santos is one of Australia’s biggest domestic gas suppliers and a leading LNG supplier in the Asia Pacific region. Santos is committed to supplying critical fuels such as oil and gas in a more sustainable way through decarbonizing projects, while transition to cleaner fuels.

Financial Affairs Manager

East Zeit Petroleum (Zeitco)

Upstream Oil

East Zeit Petroleum (Zeitco) is a joint venture (JV) between Dana Petroleum Company and Egyptian General Petroleum Cooperation (EGPC), production of crude oil reached 8,000 barrels a day (bbl/d) from its concession in Egypt.

Dana petroleum was able to increase its production rates in its concession areas in Egypt: Gulf of Suez, the western and eastern Desert.

Dana petroleum  duty is the production of crude oil from new geological structures that haven’t been tested before. This would contribute to increase  production rates.

Budget Manager

Tenders & Contracts Manager

Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company


Upstream Oil

GUPCO was formed on July 31, 1965, after the discovery of EL-Morgan offshore oil field. GUPCO mission as defined by the concession agreement is to carry out all oil and gas exploration, Development and production operations in Egypt as a nonprofit Egyptian Operating Company, and as an agent whose activities add value to the principle shareholders; the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and Amoco-Egypt Oil.

GUPCO is one of the major Petroleum Company in Egypt, established between Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and Amoco Oil Production International Co. U. S. A.

GUPCO’s system is fully computerized, GUPCO’s Exploration Dept. is dealing with more than fifty contractors that are providing different types of services through Contracts, such as Geology or Geophysical services Contracts, Consultant services, General services Contracts and Supply of Materials and/or Personnel Contracts.

Department Head

Exploration Contracts, Services and Cost control Division